Welcome to AB AREX - products for air and energy in a corrosive environment

AB AREX was founded towards the end of the 1940s and is now one of Sweden´s oldest manufacturers of plastic equipment for industry. From its very early days, the company has concentrated on air and energy products and other industrial engineering for corrosive environments.

Products for corrosive environments

Plastics are today´s and tomorrow´s materials for equipment for industrial processes.

AREX supplies different plastic materials for different operating conditions for air, energy and other industrial technology. The core production includes industrial fans, duct systems, heat exchangers, scrubbers and droplet eliminators for corrosive environments.
To ensure dependable safety of the fans we supply, we undertake type tests on different materials under extreme stresses. 
Assembly, sub-contract production, and systems

The expertise and resourses of AB AREX in industrial plastics also enable us to offer various types of sub-contract production, using thermosets and thermoplastics, involving the manufacture of tailored industrial plastic products. 

Order and delivery

Our standard products as well as special production and subcontract work are pursued at our factory in Valdemarsvik, Sweden.